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Features and Benefits For Dentists

Be #1 at DentalCenter.com

By joining us and be listed first when someone is searching for an amazing dentist in your general area.

Paid listings will be shown first when people browse by location, category or search.

Get Listed in as many as 7 Specialties

Depending on the tier you choose, you will get listed and ranked on top in two or seven categories you specialize in. A lot more prospective patients will be seeing you!

Get Listed in as many as 5 locations

Depending on the tier you choose, you get listed and ranked on top in as many as five locations, such as nearby towns or areas. More exposure for your practice!

Website Links

We allow regular links to your practice's website. Included are three regular links: direct our visitors to your website, booking page and to your blog or articles.


With a single click, prospective patients can contact your practice directly from their smart phone.

Best Face Forward!

Post as little or as much as you'd like about your practice, more or less you control it*. Post your bio, pictures, education, insurances accepted, hours, dental services performed and so much more. 

Yes, you have that on your website but people may end up at your profile here when searching Google for a dentist doing veneers from your town /zip code. Doesn't take much to make back the directory fee! 

Geo-coded Listings

Patients can easily find you as a map is always displayed with your listings.

Virtual Consultations

Patients can easily reach you from our site and you may provide virtual consultations--or arrange for office visits.

Social Profiles

Link to all your social profiles so patients can follow you up there as well.

More Reviews for Your practice

Reply to reviews & show prospective patients you care about your reputation as a dentist.

Post Photos

Post photos, like a lot of photos if you so choose. Pictures of you, your staff, your dental work..or all of the above.

Post Videos

You can also post videos that you think will help better present your practice.

Profile Blog Articles

Publish as many articles as you wish about your case studies, specialty, dental care, services or about your practice.

Offering Specials or Coupons?

Attract new patients by offering them a special promotion or a coupons! Everything is customizable, from the type of coupon to expiration dates.

30 Day Money Back!

We're so sure that you'll be happy, but if not get your money back for 30 days! 

No questions asked, so add your Dental Center to....DentalCenter.com.