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Posted 09/07/2023 in Dental Marketing

Best Dental Directories To List Your Dental Clinic

Best Dental Directories To List Your Dental Clinic

Long before Google, directories were the go-to place to find a website. Yahoo was one of them.

Over time, things changed, and their importance has somewhat diminished due to the advancement of search. 

However, they are still very useful for both consumers and businesses. Many dental directories benefit prospective patients in the dental care market, so having a dental website listed there is extremely important for dentists. It is still an efficient way for many to find a local dentist. 

Not only are dentists seen by prospective local patients, but being listed also helps their websites be classified better by search engines. It also increases online visibility and even improves Google search ranking if the website is linked from the directory. 

Moreover, being listed in relevant dental categories is beneficial for your SEO in general and local SEO in particular. 

In addition, being listed in the best dental directories helps rank higher in searches "near me," listing your dental practice in a local directory with the name, address, and phone number will help. They are called citations; the more exact citations for your dental practice, the better. 

Finally, the people looking for the "best dentist" in a local dentist directory are likely prospective patients seeking a local dentist. So it is targetted audience. Yes, most people search for dentists on Google and other search engines, but why take a chance of not being in relevant directories for dentistry? 

This is even more important if your competitors are listed there. In short, adding your dental office to a directory, paid or not, will not solve all your problems, but depending on the cost it may make a lot of sense. 

Types of Directories

There are several types of dental directories. Some are run by organizations like ADA (American Dental Association) insurance companies or other national organizations that list only their members. They are also national and local dentist directories. However, even the national ones are broken into categories making them local.

Any Negatives From being Listed in a Directory? 

Aside from financial and time costs that can be judged individually, there is no downside. You should try to add yourself to as many directories as possible, assuming it's within your budget. 

As always, in some cases, you will spend money and time and get nothing in return, but a few new patients in another one and a boost in Google My Business or Google Search results via citations or direct links may pay for all. 

Usually, the paying members are promoted to the top of say > California > Sacramento categories, making this valuable for dentists when someone from Sacramento searches for a local dentist. 

Dental Directory Submission Tips

First, try to get listed in the most reputable directories for dentists and carefully weigh the pros and cons. Some are free, yet most are paid, so one must carefully analyze all the tiers offered and their cost. Dental marketing costs money, and not every effort will pay equally, but chances must also be taken. 

Also, take advantage of as many features as possible. If the directory allows you to post pictures, videos, photos, coupons, and blog articles, hours opened, insurances accepted, services performed, and so on. 

Spend some time and do it correctly. Any patient that sees your business profile will be presented with, making it more likely to receive that initial appointment call. Below, we have listed a few dental directories for you to consider adding your dental center to:

Dental DirectoryFree, Paid, Or?
URL to Register
ADA - American Dental AssociationFreeADA Find a Dentist
DentalCenter.comPay to UpgradeDentalCenter.com Join
EveryDentist.comPay to UpgradeEveryDentist
Smile GuidePaid OnlySmileGuide.com
Dentists.comPaid and FreeDentists.com
Super DentistsFreeSuperDentists
USA DentistOne Time PayUsa-Dentist.com
DentistsDirectoryFree or One Time PayDentistsDirectory.us
Denta DentalFree for MembersDeltaDental Directory
1-800-DentistPay for Referrals1800dentist.com
Free Dental Care. usFree For Some
OpenCareFree (Pay for Leads)OpenCare.com
UsaTopDentists.comFree (Must be Nominated)UsaTopDentists.com

In other words, being listed in a directory without a panacea is still significant for your practice. it will help improve your SEO, it will help you with local citations 


Q: I have another company that does my SEO. Can I list my site in a directory independent of them?

A: Yes, you can and should. It will only help your site for the above reasons and without any harm done.